FAQ- Flute

What age can my child start learning flute?

The earliest a child can start learning flute with a straight head-joint is around the age of seven or eight, however this depends on their size (a flute is quite heavy and long!) and on their lung capacity.

 There are flutes with curved headjoints that make it easier for small sized children to play. These curved head joints allow children as young as five to start learning - however good tone and sound production will be very hard to achieve at this age. In general most flute students start at around eleven or twelve years of age. 

What brands of flute should I look into getting when I am  just begining?

The Pearl PF-505 and Yamaha YFL-211 are good models to start with, and there are many second-hand ones out there if a new one is too pricey. Be wary of super cheap flutes, which are probably out of tune and make playing more difficult then it should be. 

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