TRILLO,   formed in late 2015, comprising of Alexandra Joly, Dylan Quinlan-Baskett, Michaela Murphy and Evlambia Vafiadis. By 2017   Alexander Meagher and Alex Jolly joined the ensemble. All the members met at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music through a Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble and all immediately wanted to continue making music together. The ensemble members all share a passion for early music and are looking to collect as many historical instruments as they can find.

If you'd like to stay up to date with TRILLO we have a facebook page and youtube channel with all our latest concerts, projects and media. 

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TRILLO is delighted to invite you to a special concert dedicated to the precious historic monument Notre-Dame de Paris. On the 15th of April, a fire broke out beneath the roof of the 900-year-old cathedral. While the world witnessed this historical landmarks physical destruction, musicians around the world reflected on its significance in the history of western music. Although some of the structure was destroyed, the musical history surrounding the cathedral is very much alive and can be re-created (even on the other side of the world) with our historic instruments and playing styles.


Join us on Sunday the 21 of July as we share the unseen history of Notre Dame!

Un hommage à Notre-Dame de Paris

Sunday 21 of July 2.30pm

Highfield Rd Uniting Church, 72 Highfield Rd Canterbury


Recorders - Alexandra Bailliet-Joly

Rebec - Michaela Murphy

Vielle - Evlambia Vafiadis

Organ, harp & psaltery - Dylan Quinlan-Baskett (and every other instrument)

Lute - Casey Fitzpatrick

Percussion - Alex Meagher.

with special welcome to our singers:

Lauren Burns​​ & Neera Kadkol

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About us - Trillo

Michaela Murphy has an honours in composition student at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. She has been playing the viola for five years and the violin for twelve years. Michaela has not composed for Trillo, but has a strong interest in bringing early music instruments and ideas into classical contemporary music.

Dylan Quinlan-Baskett was introduced to music at the age of 4 when his parents enrolled him into the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. Since then, he has played with many orchestras, chamber ensembles and as a soloist. He studied organ with Douglas Lawrence at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. As a second instrument he also is learnt to play the viola da gamba with Miriam Morris (AUS).

Evlambia Vafiadis was an AMEB Grade 7 cello student when her teacher introduced her to Early Music and the viola da gamba. Four years later, she undertook a Diploma in Music at the University of Melbourne, studying the viola da gamba under Miriam Morris (AUS). A lifetime of piano lessons have also stood her in good stead, enabling her to navigate the organ and harpsichord with ease. She looks forward to further adventures in Early Music.

Trillo members Alex Meagher, Dylan Quinlan-Baskett  and Alexandra Bailliet-Joly at ABC studios for a  live radio interview with ABC Victoria  (Ballarat) talking about early dance music and historical insturments. 

© 2016 by Alexandra Bailliet-Joly.