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Trillo is a Melbourne-based early music ensemble that is known for its scholarly approach to performing some of the more obscure and inaccessible repertories of the middle ages to high-baroque. Partly due to their extensive collection of extremely rare historic instruments, and partly due to their collective passion for history and performance, they have carved out a name for themselves as one of Australia’s leading medieval and renaissance specialists.

In 2015, Alexandra Bailliet-Joly (recorder), Dylan Quinlan-Baskett (harpsichord) and Michaela Murphy (violin) connected through a mutual love for medieval and renaissance music and, without realising it, established the foundational values that are at the core of Trillo’s music: Fun, Friendship and Curiosity.

Over the years, Trillo has gradually expanded to include Evlambia Vafiadis (viola da gamba), Alexander Meagher (percussion), Casey Fitzpatrick (Lute & Continuo) and Lauren Burns (voice). For certain productions, Trillo also calls upon some fabulous guest artists, including Neera Kadkol (voice), Thomas Harvey (voice) and Kailen Cresp (Baroque oboe). 

Trillo feels immeasurably privileged to be able to study and share some of history’s most sublime and awe inspiring musical works. Early music must not be forgotten, and it is Trillo’s mission (working alongside many early music groups across the globe) to keep the musical spirit and sentiments of the 13th-17th century alive, and in the hearts and minds of 21st century audiences.

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To listen to more Trillo videos click here.

"The playing was not only enthusiastic and energetic but highly refined, showing the depth of commitment to understanding the style and history of this music. With a variety of instruments from the harpsichord to the hurdy-gurdy, Trillo produced a colourful orchestral sound with the recorder, strings and percussion."

Bronislaw Sozanski- The Courier, FEBRUARY 19 2018 
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