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The Recorder Co-op & The Melbourne Recorder Academy

THE RECORDER CO-OP is a recorder quartet made up of some of Australia's most well-known recorder players, including Hannah Coleman, Ruth Wilkinson, Ryan Williams and Alexandra Bailliet-Joly.  

Performances are on matched recorder consorts built by Danish recorder maker Ture Bergstrøm and New Zealand recorder maker David Coomber, this ensemble brings back the authentic sounds of the Renaissance era.

Comfortable with many musical styles The Recorder Co-op also has a passion for commissioning new works for Renaissance style recorders, drawing from the deep past these special instruments speak to contemporary Australia.

With the help of the Victorian Recorder Guild and DCMT, the members established the Melbourne Recorder Academy, focusing on workshops for young recorder players. MRA aims to create an inspiring community and music making opportunities for young recorder players, lead by professional musicians. 


IF you'd like to keep up to date with the Recorder Co-op or the Melbourne Recorder Academy we have a facebook page with news, events and all our upcoming projects and concerts. 

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Save the Date! MRA Workshop in November

Workshop for recorder players aged 5-21. Recorder teachers include Ruth Wilkinson, Ryan Williams, Hannah Coleman, Rachel Snedden and Alexandra Bailliet-Joly.
5 of November - Venue TBC. 
Tiered levels ranging from beginner, intermediate, advanced and pre-professional levels of recorder playing. Workshop will present recorder repertoire from the medieval, renaissance, baroque to contemporary ensemble playing.

Please bring lunch, a music stand, water bottle, a pencil and your recorders.

Workshop starts at 10am and ends at 4pm. Half day for 

Cost: $20 - $40 depending on full or half day. 

Email us at:


Bringing young recorders players together over two days to perform a wonderful program of Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music.


Exact details will depend on the participants, but we anticipate offering four tiers:

*Advanced Players (upper secondary school, AMEB Gr 7+)

*Intermediate Players (upper primary-lower secondary school, AMEB Gr 4+),

*Beginning Players (lower-middle primary school, AMEB Gr 1+)

If you don't fit into those categories, don't worry at all - they're just a guide to get us started. Please register on the trybooking page or email us with any questions.

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