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The Melbourne Recorder Academy

THE RECORDER CO-OP is a recorder quartet made up of some of Australia's most well-known recorder players, including Hannah Coleman, Ruth Wilkinson, Ryan Williams and Alexandra Bailliet-Joly.  

Performances are on matched recorder consorts built by Danish recorder maker Ture Bergstrøm and New Zealand recorder maker David Coomber, this ensemble brings back the authentic sounds of the Renaissance era.

Comfortable with many musical styles The Recorder Co-op also has a passion for commissioning new works for Renaissance style recorders, drawing from the deep past these special instruments speak to contemporary Australia.

IF you'd like to keep up to date with the Recorder Co-op or the Melbourne Recorder Academy we have a facebook page with news, events and all our upcoming projects and concerts. 


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Above: The Recorder Co-op and Auncient Hermony presented a 400th anniversary concert earlier this year of sacred and profane music by Francesca Caccini. 

Below: The Recorder Co-op held a workshop for the Victorian Guild and later showcased their concert with four up-and-coming recorder performers in a joint double-choir concert.

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5-6 October 2019 -Melbourne Recorder Academy Workshop

Half days or full days depending on tier level.


or email us at:


Bringing young recorders players together over two days to perform a wonderful program of Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music.


Melba Hall, Melbourne University, Royal Parade, VIC 3010.

Exact details will depend on the participants, but we anticipate offering four tiers:

*Advanced Players (upper secondary school, AMEB Gr 7+)

*Intermediate Players (upper primary-lower secondary school, AMEB Gr 4+),

*Beginning Players (lower-middle primary school, AMEB Gr 1+)

*A special workshop for very small (pre-school aged) players

If you don't fit into those categories, don't worry at all - they're just a guide to get us started. Please register on the trybooking page or email us with any questions.

Ryan Williams - Felt for renaissance recorder quartet.

I'm very excited to announce that The Recorder Co-op is premiering my latest composition called Felt for renaissance recorder quartet.

A natural driver for me in every project I participate in is to make sure that I'm involved in some type of creative output. Whether that's improvisation within existing music, composing my own tunes or collaborating to create something new.


In the case of The Recorder Co-op I wrote something for my colleagues, all amazing musicians who bring both old and new music to life. I love the sound of renaissance recorders playing together and thought they could offer a fantastic new sound world to an audience.

The content of Felt is divided into three distinct moods that form a whole; entitled Felt, Pick the Glitch and Room Full of Teeth. They're not really separate movements as the work is played straight through without breaks, however, the titles are integral for the performers to help them distinguish between the three main moods of the work.

Most of the musical content is derived from a few previously written, but never performed works for different instrumental ensemble combinations, including a mixed recorder ensemble. Each of the three main sections of the work are reactions to different musical stimuli including the album Felt by Nils Frahm, the band Punch Brothers' unique sound world and playing style and ensemble Room Full of Teeth's fantastic use of extended vocal techniques which produce an engaging blend of the familiar and extraordinary.

Certain moments in the work also unintentionally recall the colourful woodwind playing on Sufjan Stevens' early albums, including 2003s Michigan and 2005s Illinoise. The major basis for all the musical material in Felt is hours of chord building (stacking single notes on top of each other) based from a jazz harmony foundation until I found harmonies I liked and then pieced them together like a jigsaw puzzle. After adding the rhythmic elements I've ended up with a style that is a little bit post-minimal, ambient and groove orientated whilst always trying to keep with the original Renaissance flavour that the instruments work so well within.

© 2016 by Alexandra Bailliet-Joly.